Jetex Cat-Back Exhaust for the Ford Focus RS II 2009-11

The Focus RS Mk II delivers 305bhp, up 90 bhp on the Mk I version. It’s a truly rapid hatchback and deserves an exhaust that can match and enhance its character.

The Jetex cat-back system uses straight through 3″/76.5mm pipework from the catalyst to the rear silencer to ensure as least gas flow restriction as possible.

The design of the rear silencer ensures maximum torque and BHP gain without compromising sound levels, while at the same time provides the best solution for power gains if remapping of the engine is to be carried out.

Each system is supplied with a full fitting kit, including the gasket for the catalyst.

An extra modification that is always worthwhile considering is to fit a performance filter to replace the standard, restrictive paper version. Our cotton-gauze filters allow maximum air flow, while ensuring the air charge is clean over a longer period of time. Even when the Jetex filter is coated in dirt, there is still excellent filtration and so it performs better for longer. Of course, Jetex filters can be washed and then lightly re-oiled for the next cycle.

Jetex Performance Filter for the Ford Focus RS II 09-11